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Think about some of the biggest companies you interact with on a daily basis, and even love. In just a few clicks you can go from fan to shareholder by investing in their business.

Imagine owning a few shares in X or Facebook, and then bragging about them… on X and Facebook!

Backing the big guys

Your wealth will be on the backs of some of the biggest organisations to have ever existed – in the world!

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Most bought USD instruments by the EasyEquities community in the last 3 months

Instrument Name NYSE Code
Tesla Inc TSLA
Vanguard S&P 500 VOO
Microsoft Corp MSFT
Riot Platforms RIOT

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Easy transfer money between your ZAR account and your USD account – your Dollars get converted to Rands all within the platform! 


Why show US shares some love

Diversification on another level

Investing in different markets, with different commercial variables makes not only for great risk reduction practice, but you would be unlocking your portfolio profit potential to bigger and/or emerging wealth avenues.

Own a recognisable brand

You can be a shareholder in a brand that you not only use regularly, and love, you can own a piece of it. Your consumption habits become dividend expectations and profits in your pockets in just a matter of seconds!

US shares in our research

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  • Log in to your EasyEquities Account
  • Navigate to the top right profile menu
  • Select Account Management
  • Select Activate New Account
  • Select USD


The ranking of the Top 5 most bought holdings in USD on the EasyEquities Platform is calculated on the basis of the nominal value traded of all open positions on the buy side for the previous 3 month period. The instruments with the highest nominal traded volume on the buy side are ranked from 1 – 5 in descending order. Please click here to view the important disclosures in respect of the content on this page.