Anthea Gardner has created four portfolios across the risk reward spectrum to help bring every South African to the stock market. These portfolios can be found on EasyEquities, an award winning online investment platform which recently won #1 Online and broker and #1 TFSA provider.

To invest in one of the portfolios, you’ll need to register an account on EasyEquities, using the below steps. If you’re an existing EasyEquities user, simply click on one of the below #Invest bundles to make your investment.

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#Invest Aggressive Growth Portfolio
#Invest Growth Portfolio
#Invest Growth & Income Portfolio
#Invest Conservative Income Portfolio

The Aggressive portfolio is primarily invested in JSE listed shares. The portfolio will be invested in high quality companies with strong fundamentals and strong management. Share portfolios are characterised by varying degrees of volatility while targeting stock market returns.

Who should be invested: Higher volatility portfolios are suitable for clients with longer investment horizons (>5yrs) targeting higher portfolio returns.

The investment objective of the Growth portfolio is to provide investors with exposure to the equity market through less volatile and highly liquid shares as well as a 15-20% exposure to less volatile bonds. The combination of fixed income and equity assets makes this a suitable investment for medium to long term investors with a 3-5yr investment horizon. The high level of exposure to shares could lead to volatility of portfolio returns.

Who should be invested: Investors with a minimum of a three-year investment horizon, but who are concerned with the volatility of the equity market.

The investment objective is to offer higher than bank interest rates with minimal exposure to shares. The primary return objective of the portfolio is consistent yield and capital growth. Low volatility and yield make this the ideal medium term investment for investors with a 1-3yr investment horizon.

Who should be invested: investors close to retirement age who or investors saving for a medium term (12-36 months) goal, who are looking for stability with a bit of capital growth.

The investment objective is to provide you with a portfolio which offers consistent yield above bank interest rates, by investing in liquid assets. The primary return objective of the portfolio is to obtain a level of yield commensurate with capital preservation, lower volatility and high levels of liquidity. Low volatility and consistent yield make this the ideal short to medium term investment for anyone saving for a near term goal (<3yrs) or investors closer to retirement.

Who should be invested: retired investors, investors needing a yield to supplement their income or investors saving for a short to medium term (3-18 months) goal (example, deposit on a house or car, holiday, etc).

Open your account on the platform. You will need to have copies of your FICA documents ready to upload -a copy of your ID, your proof of address and confirmation of your bank account details. You can email these documents to
Fund your account by going to the “My Account” dropdown and click on “Deposit”. You can choose to do this by electronic fund transfer or by filling in your bank details for a debit order if you are planning to make a monthly investment. 
Go to the Dropdown tab, click on “invest” and then click on “baskets and bundles”.
Browse bundles and select one which suits your risk appetite.
Choose the #Invest portfolio that best suits your investment goals (for financial advice email:
#Invest bundles are managed by Cartesian Capital, an authorised FSP (no: 45318)