What you need to do

  1. Register an EasyEquities account
  2. Claim your share of R100 000 (Minimum share allocation of R100)
  3. Buy your shares with the amount allocated to you
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EasyEquities, in association with ***, is offering you the chance to claim your share of R100 000 worth of equities! For the next week, you can take part in the Democratization of the Stock Market and invest in up to 10 equities of your choice, completely on the house!
Make your investment picks by selecting up to 10 equities on the EasyEquities claim page.
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Connect with us via social media, by linking one or both of your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Type your EasyEquities user ID in the block at the bottom of the claim page. Not registered? No worries!
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By completing these three easy steps, you’ll secure your share of R100 000 worth of equities! We’ll let you know how much you’ve got at the end of the week – it all depends on how many people participate...
EasyEquities aims to make investing both easy and affordable. In association with ***, EasyEquities is here to show you that stereotypical ideas of the stock market being expensive, difficult to understand and elitist are simply not true! On this platform, anybody can be an investor. It’s time for you to grab your share and grow your wealth!
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