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Contribute to the living South African Giant Flag 

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Add colour to the Giant Flag!

Be part of this historic project with the Easy Community and the rest of the nation. Invest in the South African spirit and the environment with us! Our #BackTheFlag bundle is aimed at growing your wealth, while securing the future of South Africans in need.

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Adding some colour to the Flag

We want to help build the nation one flower at a time. EasyEquities is giving back by donating all proceeds from our #BackTheFlag bundle toward the world's "first green innovation project that celebrates the spirit of South Africa". In association with Giant Flag, we want to add some colour to the project that celebrates South Africa, and creates jobs, clean energy, and more tourism. Be part of this amazing nation-building project with us. 

What is behind the flag (bundle)?

Our Back The Flag bundle is made up exclusively of locally listed Exchange Traded Funds. Local is lekker! The bundle is powered by the folks at Emperor Asset Management, of which all bundle management fees will go toward the Giant Flag initiative.


#RWC2019 fun giveaways

In support of the boks during the 2019 Rugby World Cup, we're giving away SA Rugby jerseys to users that complete our weekly social challenges. Taking the Giant Flag to the sports field, we're all about doing our part to build the nation and show love the best way we know how! Follow us on @EasyEquities (on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to stay engaged and keep up with all the fun to be had!

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